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Supplier Registration

About the service

This service enables the registration, classification and accreditation of suppliers and contractors and the submission of official documents to CITRA through the website

Officer in Charge: Head of Procurement Sector



Sign in or create a new account to CITRA's website


Fill in the form and attach the required documents electronically


Receive registration confirmation

Required Documents

  • Commercial registration of applicant
  • Certificate of the Central Tenders Committee
  • Certificate of Kuwaitization percentage of applicant 
  • Clearance from Ministry of Finance
  • Chamber of Commerce registration certificate of applicant
  • Certificate from the Central Agency of Information Technology (if available)
  • Procuration certificate
  • Authorized signature
  • Company's bank account number
  • Company seal
  • Company's civil number
  • Copy of Civil ID of person authorized to sign
  • Explanatory letter with attached proof that includes an overview of the activities of the supplier and previous experience
  • Accurate map showing supplier's location
  • Supplier's website (if available)
  • Company's email​

Service Fee

  • ​Not applicable


3 Business days

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