General Guidelines


CITRA urges website owners to comply with the laws and regulations related to e-content, which must be consistent with the laws governing Internet access in the State of Kuwait. Therefore, CITRA provides some guidance to webmasters, developers, operators and managers in order to avoid blocking their websites.

These guidelines include:

  • Ensure that the website does not violate any of the laws and regulations enforced in the State of Kuwait.
  • Ensure that the site has an effective mechanism to help users access site management when needed.
  • Ensure a clear privacy policy specifying the information that will be collected, as well as why and how this information will be used.
  • Ensure that sensitive user data is collected and processed in a secure manner.
  • Ensure the use of antivirus software in addition to following the best practices in management and operations.

Guidelines for sites with user-contributed content

  • Identify and post the Abuse Policy and Content Guidelines.
  • Allow visitors to point or report abuse through a simple electronic form.

Site-specific guidelines for placing ads or offers by third parties or partners

  • Ensure that all ads comply with relevant laws and regulations such as medical advertising.
  • Monitor and prevent abuse and illegal activities and the sale of illegal goods or services.​

Global site guidelines

  • Place filters for explicit materials so visitors can enable or disable them.
  • Isolate the explicit content from the rest of the general content, through the use of the phrases such as "for adults only".
  • Ensure that search results are filtered and free of any prohibited content.
  • Prevent access to infringing materials in accordance with the laws enforced in Kuwait and by placing the slogan "t​his content is not available in your country".
  • Use a content classification system to isolate adult content, the site must prevent access to these materials in the State of Kuwait.
  • The site should provide an effective and easy mechanism for users to report any violations that may occur directly onto the site.
  • Abusive accounts must be disabled by identifying a means of communication to assist the competent authorities in performing their role.
  • Publish a clear policy to protect the privacy of the user, indicating the information collected, how to process it, and how to make it available to the public.
  • Request only user information required to provide the service.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of users' information and saving them using appropriate techniques.
  • Refrain from collecting addresses and details of visitors' information for the purpose of selling or publishing.
  • The site owner must cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies in case of crimes or violations.​

CITRA Quality Assurance Policy​

CITRA is committed to achieving the highest standards of quality, health and environment through the application of global standards in internal activities and customer-based processes. This includes the need to manage energy consumption, control waste, reduce pollution and prevent injury or ill health.

Therefore, in the State of Kuwait, CITRA is committed to inform its employees of this policy and standards in order for it to be clear to any external party associated with the authority such as the public, contractors, suppliers and visitors.

It is the responsibility of CITRA to identify to its staff the guidance and policy to be followed to achieve the quality system, including:

  • Participate in any activities related to the HSE system, including any mock training for emergencies.
  • Immediately report any unsafe conditions to their superiors or representatives of the HSE system.
  • Not to risk in a manner that may affect the environment and/or their occupational health and safety or others.
  • Responsible energy, water and paper consumption.​

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