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Three-digit numbers - New Request

About the service

​A service for allocating three-digit numbers used for call centers of a general service nature and emergency services.

Payment Method:

  • Certified cheque issued to CITRA
  • Bank transfer to CITRA's account at Ahli United Bank, main branch, account number: 27452566
  • KNET for amounts less than KD10,000​

  • 1

    STEP 1Official letter addressed to CITRA

  • 2

    STEP 2Approval of the telecommunications sector 

  • 3

    STEP 3Payment of due fees

  • 4

    STEP 4Issuance of service allocation

  • 5

    STEP 5Visit the Ministry of Communications to complete the procedure to activate the service​

  • 6

    STEP 6

Required Documents
  • Official letter addressed to CITRA
  • Commercial registration of applicant
  • Leasing contract of applicant
  • Clearance from the Ministry of Communications
  • License civil number
  • Authorized signature 
  • Certificate of Kuwaitization percentage of applicant 
  • Fire department license of applicant​
Service Fee

  • Annual fee of 750 ​KD


10 Business days

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