The numbering service is a paid service provided by CITRA and consists of obtaining special status numbers (three digits, six digits, or eight digits). Each domain has a different target use, steps, fees and required documents. These numbers are limited in their nature, and therefore CITRA frequently reviews the extent to which these numbers are used and their costs compared to other markets.​​​​​

National Numbering Plan

As the regulatory body for communications, CITRA supervises and manages the national numbering plan to ensure that the process of booking, assigning and canceling the allocation is fair and transparent, providing equal opportunities for competition. In regulating the use of digital resources, CITRA should ensure that limited resources are used efficiently and optimally while at the same time preventing unnecessary operational restrictions on telecommunication service providers.

The purpose of the plan is to ensure a systematic approach to numbering, allocation and de-allocation, in accordance with the best international practices. Additionally, the plan aims to:

  • Provide ​enough number ranges to run all different service packages.
  • Provide a consistent numbering system that is easy for subscribers to understand.
  • Efficiently manage number ranges on a fair and equitable basis between operators.
  • Being consistent in the use of specific ranges of numbers for specific purposes, so that participants are aware of the type of service they are using and the potential cost.
  • Reduce the depletion of existing resource numbers and long-term stability that would reduce the need for further changes.

Numbers Allocation

Telecommunication service numbers are important and limited resources used to determine and direct communications endpoints in public telecommunication networks. CITRA organizes these resources through the development and supervision of numbering plans and the imposition of service fees and collection. The figures provided by CITRA are as follows:

  • Three-digit numbers: A service for allocating three-digit numbers used for call centers of a general service nature and emergency services.
  • Numbers (1800): A service for assigning the seven digit numbers used for operators.
  • Numbers domain: A service for assigning eight-digit number ranges and multiples for direct and dial-up service.

Numbering Services​

Numbering Services​​