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CITRA (Kuwait) - Launching a Platform to Measure Internet Speeds in Kuwait

Posted Date: 21 Jun 2020

Today, CITRA announced the launch of an internet speed measuring platform through the website "" as part of CITRA’s continues efforts in the transparency and the enhancement of Kuwait’s technological landscape. 

The platform aims to measure the performance of telecommunications companies, service providers (mobile/stationary/wireless) and provide information to users about the quality of the Internet experience provided to them transparently and clearly from all the different networks operating in the country. 

CITRA clarified that to ensure fairness for all service providers, the basic evaluation system will be placed in the Kuwait Internet Exchange, where all service providers enjoy direct contact with the exchange, and all speed tests will be performed on the basic system there to measure the performance of the local network. 

CITRA indicated that this initiative will enhance the performance and experience of users, and similar initiatives have been successfully implemented by various government agencies around the world to advance competition in the market and improve services. 

CITRA will undertake more initiatives as planned, and will continue to develop platforms and tools to help users and service providers develop the market and perform more 


To visit the internet speed measuring website, visit ​

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