The Novel Coronavirus


CITRA Initiative

In support of the initiative to enable remote work for government entities that was launched by the central agency for information technology in the government sector which supports the digital transformation of those sectors in addition to ensuring that government employees continue to complete business tasks from anywhere and at any time using the means and tools of communication and information technology, CITRA has prepared the following documents which prepared for use of government entities only:

CITRA has provided additional services and frequencies to the three communication companies in the country, granted that these companies provide their subscribers (5 GB) internet per day in addition to free local calls between the three networks for a month starting from Sunday ,March 22 as a national initiative, endowment and cooperation between CITRA and the telecommunications companies, in light of the exceptional circumstances in which the country is facing in confronting the emergence of the new coronavirus (CoVid-19).

More over, the Cybersecurity and Emergency Response page has been recently launched on CITRA website, which contains many important and useful information for users in this period.

CITRA, via the frequency spectrum department, and in cooperation with the relevant official authorities, has adopted Import, release and field detection of shipments of equipment and spare parts for incoming communications devices to the country for all authorities in this exceptional time In addition to issuing permits for radio stations for Livestock transport and trading company's ships, issuing a new permit with the allocation of call signs for the new ship ‘Alshuwaikh’ and renewing and issuing a the ship ‘Kuwait’ permit. CITRA also issued permits for Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways radio stations to enable them to fly to return citizens abroad as part of the evacuation plan.

Stats of releases from the period of March 12th to April 30th, 2020 in different customs passage outlets

Total of customs declarations for all port passage outlets(2315)  
Total of all parcels/containers for all port passage outlets(52689)


Airport passage outlet - Kuwait Airport

  • Parcels: 17079
  • Customs declarations: 2116

Landport passage outlet - Sulaibiya

  • Parcels/Containers: 6781
  • Customs declarations: 76

Seaport passage outlet - Shuwaikh port

  • Parcels/Containers: 24422
  • Customs declarations: 109

Seaport passage outlet - Shuaiba port

  • Parcels/Containers: 4407
  • Customs declarations: 14

Shlonik Application

Shlonik is a compulsory application in the State of Kuwait managed by CAIT, developed by ZAIN and launched by the Ministry of Health for individuals who are subject to home quarantine and those returning from abroad in the upcoming periods. This program aims to monitor the health status of citizens returning from abroad on evacuation trips around the clock, and subject them to home quarantine in order to preserve their health as well as the health and safety of the community. "Shlonik" enables the Ministry of Health to monitor quarantined individuals, their locations and the people who are in direct contact to them. The application also allows quarantined individuals to enter their vital data and communicate with the medical teams in the Ministry of Health when any symptoms occur.

As a matter of cooperation between government entities as well as to enhance the role of CITRA in providing the necessary technical support that we seek at this stage, CITRA has hosted and stored data of “Shlonk” application on their servers


The impact of the global health crisis (COVID-19) On the consumption of electronic programs and services in the State of Kuwait


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