Cell Towers

Cell Towers​ Regulations

CITRA is the sole authority for setting and regulating standards for the installation and operation of cell towers in Kuwait. These standards are placed to ensure the public’s health and safety from cell-tower related matters, including setting and monitoring of safe emissions of electromagnetic radiation.

Primary objectives:​

  • Protecting the public from harmful levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions resulting from radio frequencies (RF).
  • Ensuring that license owners and operators in the State of Kuwait are installing and operating cell towers and RF equipment in full compliance with Ministry of Health regulations and exposure limitations of EMF emissions.
  • Setting high-quality technical standards to building cell towers, their locations and connections to the infrastructure.
  • Ensuring the concerned authorities are informed and consulted before releasing any radio devices.
  • Ensuring compatibility of cell towers in retrospect to the environment and terrain of the State of Kuwait.​

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