Companies that have the official permission to be a cloud computing provider

Google Cloud Products, Features, and Services:

No. Type
ACC-8543 Compute:

      App Engine

    • Managed app platform

      Bare Metal Solution

    • Hardware for specialized workloads

      Cloud Functions

    • Event-driven serverless functions

      Cloud Run

    • Serverless for containerized applications

      Compute Engine

    • VMs, GPUs, TPUs, Disks


    • Managed Kubernetes / containers

      Preemptible VMs

    • Short-lived compute instances

      Shielded VMs

    • Hardened VMs

      Sole-tenant Nodes

    • Dedicated physical servers

      VMware Engine

    • VMware as a service


      Cloud Filestore

    • Managed NFS server

      Cloud Storage

    • Multi-class multi-region object storage

      Local SSD

    • VM locally attached SSDs

      Persistent Disk

    • Block storage for VMs


    • Scalable & performant PostgreSQL-compatible DB

      Cloud Bigtable

    • Petabyte-scale, low-latency, non-relational

      Cloud Firestore

    • Serverless NoSQL document DB

      Cloud Memorystore

    • Managed Redis and Memcached

      Cloud SQL

    • Managed MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server

      Cloud SQL Insights

    • SQL Inspector

      Cloud Spanner

    • Horizontally scaleable relational database

      Database Migration Service

    • Migrate to Cloud SQL
    • Data warehouse/analytics

      BigQuery BI Engine

    • In-memory analytics engine

      BigQuery DTS

    • Automated data ingestion service

      BigQuery GIS

    • BigQuery geospatial functions/support

      BigQuery ML

    • BigQuery model training/serving

      Cloud Composer

    • Managed workflow orchestration service

      Cloud Data Fusion

    • Graphically manage data pipelines

      Connected Sheets

    • Spreadsheet interface for (big) data

      Data Catalog

    • Metadata management service

      Data Studio

    • Collaborative data exploration/dashboarding


    • Stream/batch data processing


    • Centrally manage/monitor/govern data

      Dataprep by Trifacta

    • Visual data wrangling
    • Managed Spark and Hadoop


    • Change data capture/replication service


    • Enterprise BI and Analytics


    • Global real-time messaging

      Public Datasets

    • Hosted data in BigQuery


    • Custom low-code models

      Cloud TPU

    • Hardware acceleration for ML

      Cloud Translation

    • Language detection and translation

      Cloud Vision

    • Image recognition and classification

      Contact Center AI

    • AI in your contact center

      Deep Learning Containers

    • Preconfigured containers for deep learning

      Deep Learning VM Images

    • Preconfigured VMs for deep learning


    • Create conversational interfaces

      Document AI

    • Analyze, classify, search documents


    • Convert audio to text

      Talent Solutions

    • Job search with ML


    • Convert text to audio

      Vertex AI

    • Managed platform for ML

      Vertex AI Data Labeling

    • Data labeling by humans

      Vertex AI Edge Manager

    • Deploy monitor edge inferences

      Vertex AI Feature Store

    • Managed ML feature repository

      Vertex AI Matching Engine

    • Vector similarity searches

      Vertex AI Model Monitoring

    • Monitor models for skew/drift

      Vertex AI Pipelines

    • Hosted ML workflows

      Vertex AI Predictions

    • Autoscaled model serving

      Vertex AI Tensorboard

    • Managed TensorBoard for ML-experiment Visualization

      Vertex AI Training

    • Distributed AI training

      Vertex AI Vizier

    • Automated hyperparameter tuning

      Vertex AI Workbench

    • Jupyter-based environment for Data Science

      Vertex Explainable AI

    • Understand ML model predictions

      Vertex ML Metadata

    • Artifact, lineage, and execution tracking

      Video Intelligence API

    • Scene-level video annotation

      Anthos Service Mesh

    • Service-aware network management

      Carrier Peering

    • Peer through a carrier

      Cloud Armor

    • DDoS protection and WAF

      Cloud CDN

    • Content delivery network

      Cloud DNS

    • Programmable DNS serving

      Cloud Domains

    • Register, transfer, manager domains

      Cloud IDS

    • Detects Network based threats

      Cloud Load Balancing

    • Multi-region load distribution/balancing

      Cloud NAT

    • Network address translation service

      Cloud Router

    • VPC/on-prem network route exchange (BGP)

      Cloud VPN

    • Virtual private network connection

      Dedicated Interconnect

    • Dedicated private network connection

      Direct Peering

    • Peer with Google Cloud

      Media CDN

    • CDN for streaming & videos

      Network Connectivity Center

    • Connect VPC & On-prem

      Network Intelligence Center

    • Network monitoring and topology

      Network Service Tiers

    • Price vs performance tiering

      Network Telemetry

    • Network telemetry service

      Packet Mirroring

    • Monitor/analyze instance traffic

      Partner Interconnect

    • Connect on-prem network to VPC

      Private Service Connect

    • Privately connect services across VPCs

      Service Directory

    • Centrally publish/discover/connect services

      Traffic Director

    • Service mesh traffic management

      Transcoder API

    • Optimized files for delivery

      VPC Service Controls

    • Security perimeters for API-based services

      Virtual Private Cloud

    • Software defined networking
    DevOps CI/CD:

      Artifact Registry

    • Universal package manager

      Cloud Build

    • DevOps Automation Platform

      Cloud Deploy

    • Continuous Delivery for GKE

      Cloud Source Repositories

    • Hosted private git repos

      Container Analysis

    • Automated security scanning

      Container Registry

    • Private container registry/storage
    Identity and Security:

      Access Context Manager

    • Fine-grained, attribute based access-control

      Access Transparency

    • Audit cloud provider access

      Assured Workloads

    • Workload compliance controls

      BeyondCorp Enterprise

    • Zero trust secure access

      Binary Authorization

    • Kubernetes deploy-time security

      Certificate Authority Service

    • Managed private Cas


    • Find threats from security telemetry

      Cloud Asset Inventory

    • All assets, one place

      Cloud Audit Logs

    • Audit trails

      Cloud Data Loss Prevention

    • Classify and redact sensitive data

      Cloud EKM

    • External keys you control/manage

      Cloud HSM

    • Hardware security module service

      Cloud IAM

    • Resource access control

      Cloud Identity

    • Manage users, devices & apps

      Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy

    • Identity-based app access

      Cloud KMS

    • Hosted key management service

      Confidential Computing

    • Encrypt data in-use

      Context-aware Access

    • End-user attribute-based access control

      Event Threat Detection

    • Scans for suspicious activity

      Identity Platform

    • Drop-in Authentication, Access-Management

      Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory

    • Managed Microsoft Active Directory

      Resource Manager

    • Cloud project metadata management

      Risk Manager

    • Evaluate organization’s security posture

      Secret Manager

    • Store and manage secrets

      Security Command Center

    • Security management and data risk platform

      Security Key Enforcement

    • Two-step key verification

      Shielded VMs

    • Hardened VMs

      Titan Security Key

    • Two-factor authentication (2FA) device

      VPC Service Controls

    • VPC data constraints


    • Research/hunt for malware

      Web Security Scanner

    • App engine security scanner

      Web Security Scanner

    • Identifies web-app security vulnerabilities

      reCAPTCHA Enterprise

    • Protect website against bots
    Management Tools:

      Cloud APIs

    • APIs for cloud services

      Cloud Billing

    • Billing and cost management tools

      Cloud Billing API

    • Programmatically manage Google Cloud billing

      Cloud Console

    • Web-based management console

      Cloud Deployment Manager

    • Templated infrastructure deployment

      Cloud Mobile App

    • iOS/Android Google Cloud manager app

      Private Catalog

    • Internal Solutions Catalog

      VM Manager

    • Manage OS VM Fleets
    Application Integration:

      Cloud Scheduler

    • Managed cron job service

      Cloud Tasks

    • Asynchronous task execution


    • Event-driven Cloud Run services


    • Global real-time messaging


    • HTTP services orchestration

      Google Cloud Game Servers

    • Orchestrate Agones clusters
    Mobile (Firebase):

      Cloud Firestore

    • Serverless NoSQL document database

      Cloud Functions for Firebase

    • Event-driven serverless applications

      Cloud Storage for Firebase

    • Object storage and serving


    • Crash reporting and analytics

      Firebase A/B Testing

    • Create A/B test experiments

      Firebase App Distribution

    • Trusted tester early access

      Firebase Authentication

    • Drop-in authentication

      Firebase Cloud Messaging

    • Send device notifications

      Firebase Dynamic Links

    • Link to app content

      Firebase Extensions

    • Pre-packaged development solutions

      Firebase Hosting

    • Web hosting with CDN/SSL

      Firebase In-App Messaging

    • Send in-app contextual messages

      Firebase Performance Monitoring

    • App/web performance monitoring

      Firebase Predictions

    • Predict user targeting

      Firebase Realtime Database

    • Real-time data synchronization

      Firebase Remote Config

    • Remotely configure installed apps

      Firebase Test Lab

    • Mobile testing device farm

      Google Analytics for Firebase

    • Mobile app analytics

      ML Kit for Firebase

    • ML APIs for mobile
    Google Workspace:

      AMP for Email

    • Dynamic interactive email

      Admin SDK

    • Manage Google Workspace resources

      Apps Script

    • Extend and automate everything

      Calendar API

    • Create and manage calendars

      Classroom API

    • Provision and manage classrooms

      Cloud Search

    • Unified search for enterprise

      Docs API

    • Create and edit documents

      Drive API

    • Read and write files

      Drive Activity API

    • Retrieve Google Drive activity

      Drive Picker

    • Drive file selection widget

      Email Markup

    • Interactive email using

      Gmail API

    • Enhance Gmail

      Google Chat API

    • Conversational bots in chat

      Google Workspace Add-ons

    • Extend Google Workspace apps

      Google Workspace Marketplace

    • Storefront for integrated applications

      People API

    • Manage user's Contacts

      Sheets API

    • Read and write spreadsheets

      Slides API

    • Create and edit presentations

      Task API

    • Search, read & update Tasks

      Vault API

    • Manage your organization's eDiscovery
    Google Maps Platform:

      Directions API

    • Get directions between locations

      Distance Matrix API

    • Multi-origin/destination travel times

      Geocoding API

    • Convert address to/from coordinates

      Geolocation API

    • Derive location without GPS

      Maps Embed API

    • Display iframe embedded maps

      Maps JavaScript API

    • Dynamic web maps

      Maps SDK for Android

    • Maps for Android apps

      Maps SDK for Unity

    • Unity SDK for games

      Maps SDK for iOS

    • Maps for iOS apps

      Maps Static API

    • Display static map images

      Maps URLs

    • URL scheme for maps

      Places API

    • Rest-based Places features

      Places Library, Maps JS API

    • Places features for web

      Places SDK for Android

    • Places features for Android

      Places SDK for iOS

    • Places feature for iOS

      Roads API

    • Convert coordinates to roads

      Street View Service

    • Street view for JavaScript

      Street View Static API

    • Static street view images

      Time Zone API

    • Convert coordinates to timezone
    Hybrid and Multi-cloud:


    • Enterprise hybrid/multi-cloud platform

      Anthos Clusters

    • Hybrid/on-prem GKE

      Anthos Config Management

    • Policy and security automation

      Anthos Service Mesh

    • Managed service mesh (Istio)

      Apigee API Management

    • API management, development, security

      Cloud Run for Anthos

    • Serverless development for Anthos

      Google Cloud Marketplace for Anthos

    • Pre-configured containerized apps

      Migrate for Anthos

    • Migrate VMs to Kubernetes Engine

      Operations suite

    • Monitoring, logging, troubleshooting

      Traffic Director

    • Service mesh traffic management
    API Platform and Ecosystems:

      API Analytics

    • API metrics

      API Gateway

    • Fully managed API Gateway

      API Monetization

    • Monetize APIs

      Apigee API Platform

    • Develop, secure, monitor APIs

      Apigee Hybrid

    • Manage hybrid/multi-cloud API environments

      Apigee Sense

    • API protection from attacks


    • No-code App creation

      Cloud Endpoints

    • Cloud API gateway

      Cloud IoT Core

    • Manage devices, ingest data

      Developer Portal

    • API management portal

      Google Cloud Marketplace

    • Partner & open source marketplace

      Apigee Healthcare APIx

    • Healthcare system GCP interoperability

      Cloud Healthcare API

    • Healthcare system GCP interoperability

      Cloud Life Sciences

    • Manage, process, transform biomedical-data

      Healthcare Natural Language AI

    • Real-time insights from media-text
    Operations and Monitoring:

      Cloud Logging

    • Centralized logging

      Cloud Monitoring

    • Infrastructure and application monitoring

      Cloud Profiler

    • CPU and heap profiling

      Cloud Trace

    • App latency insights

      Error Reporting

    • App error reporting
    Developer Tools:

      App Engine Plugins

    • Gradle/Maven App Engine plugin

      Cloud Code

    • Google Cloud IDE extensions

      Cloud Code for IntelliJ

    • IntelliJ Google Cloud tools

      Cloud Code for VS Code

    • VS Code Google Cloud tools

      Cloud SDK

    • Google Cloud CLI

      Cloud Shell

    • Browser-based terminal/CLI

      Cloud Tools for Eclipse

    • Eclipse GCP tools

      Cloud Tools for Visual Studio

    • Visual Studio Google Cloud tools

      Recommendations AI

    • Create custom recommendations

      Vision Product Search

    • Visual search for products

      Visual Inspection AI

    • Train/deploy models to detect defects
    Migration to Google Cloud:

      BigQuery Data Transfer Service

    • Bulk import analytics data

      Cloud Data Transfer

    • Data migration tools/CLI

      Cloud Foundation Toolkit

    • Infrastructure as Code templates


    • Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes

      Migrate for Anthos and GKE

    • Migrate VMs to GKE

      Migrate for Compute Engine

    • Compute Engine migration tools

      Migrate from Amazon Redshift

    • Migrate from Redshift to BigQuery

      Migrate from Teradata

    • Migrate from Teradata to BigQuery

      Storage Transfer Service

    • Online/on-premises data transfer

      Transfer Appliance

    • Rentable data transport box ​
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