Telecommunications Sector

Sector functions are as follows:

  • Regulating different communication networks services in the State of Kuwait and efficiently presenting it to users in a manner that achieves optimal performance of the telecommunications sector.
  • Regulating spectrum allocation and supervising it to prevent overlaps as well as regulating the use of all frequencies, including setting the National Table of Frequency Allocation.
  • Coordinating with relevant CITRA divisions to develop the regulations and requirements needed for the licensing of telecommunication networks, services and the Internet, as well as the use of frequencies, establishing and operating an international telecommunications structure, and an international access system to ensure service to all regions of the State of Kuwait.​
  • Regulating the interconnection between public or private telecommunications networks, or any other governmental entity as well as providing interconnectivity between their networks and facilitating linking subscribers on all networks.
  • Developing technical and operational norms and standards to linking telecommunication and wireless devices with the public telecommunications networks.
  • Granting Type Approvals and regulating the introduction and use of telecommunication devices.​
  • Implementing the National Numbering Plan for public telecommunications services and allocating numbers to service providers.​
  • Regulating and supervising the installation of telecommunication towers in the State of Kuwait.​
  • Supervising outgoing and incoming communications traffic and data transfer to and from the State of Kuwait through the Kuwait International Gateway project.​
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the implementation of various strategic plans related to the communication sector.​
  • Developing strategies for state-sanctioned ICT technical projects in coordination with the relevant authorities.​
  • Coordinating with regional and international ICT regulatory bodies and authorities, including regulatory bodies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the I​nternational ​Telecommunication Unit (ITU).​​​
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