Administrative and Financial Affairs Sector

Contracts and Procurement

CITRA’s Procurement sector is responsible for procurement planning for the organization, as well as tendering, selection, contracting, and final delivery of the contracted service or product. The Sector conducts its business in full transparency to ensure fair competition, equality of opportunity, and compliance with the various regulations that CITRA’s procurement are subject to. Below is an overview of the services offered to contractors and suppliers.

Administrative and Financial Affairs Sector

The Administrative and Financial Affairs Sector, in accordance with its main departments, the Finance department, Human Resources, Information Systems, and General Systems departments, support the vision and strategies of the sector, and that includes the various policies and regulations set forth by CITRA, under which they operate.

Sector functions are as follows:

  • Preparing the annual budget for CITRA’s needs in terms of workforce, recurrent budget and capital in coordination with the concerned sectors and departments and supervising its implementation and monitoring expenditure. As well as proposing transfers between items in accordance with the need for actual work.
  • Studying and examining financial accounts of all types.
  • Working to achieve the objectives of CITRA and maximizing its revenues.​​​
  • Implementing special instructions pertaining to warehouses and pledges.
  • Providing CITRA’s needs of consumer goods, services, transportation and necessary equipment.
  • Preparing financial and periodic reports, explanatory forms and memos.
  • Setting and developing the procedures necessary to prepare the database for CITRA’s employees.
  • Developing the overall strategy by seeking to dedicate CITRA towards attracting distinguished human cadres.
  • Developing a plan for the employment of the workforce in CITRA and their position within the organizational structure.
  • Carrying out all administrative decisions and transactions related to employment from appointments, promotions, vacations, allowances, termination of service and other.
  • Paying employees salaries and bonuses that result from promotions and more.
  • Developing a comprehensive training strategy aimed at training, developing and qualifying the workforce in CITRA.
  • Providing the infrastructure of information systems and providing services and technical solutions that are in line with the latest international standards.
  • Supervising the installation, operation and updating of the hardware and software of the automated systems.
  • Developing and implementing the general plan for the application of automated documentation in different departments in CITRA.
  • Application of security and safety systems in various premises of CITRA.
  • Supervising the definition of the services and maintenance needs of CITRA’s facilities.
  • Preparing, submitting and following up on tenders and auctions in accordance with the rules of CITRA.
  • Responding to the observations of the Audit Bureau and the Ministry of Finance and all the regulatory bodies on the accounts and financial proposals of CITRA.
  • Responding to staff inquiries regarding their rights and duties.